13 April 2019

Got to keep on

The new album of The Chemical Brothers is out since yesterday!


Their last album "Born In The Echoes" was, if you remember the cover, kind of "Back to Black (and White)", maybe kind of referring graphically to "Dig Your Own Whole", or maybe referring more in general to black & white ideologies or rules.

This one is... well... it's colored.

No Geography  ==  The Chemical Brothers

For what I've seen and heard till now another great shot!

No geography? Somehow like my situation in life, in time, in space...
And trying to shoot clouds, or windmills or something.
Maybe like Don Quixote Of La Mancha?
But this is another story, isn't it, my sweet Dulcinea?
Maybe I'm just hallucinating, or something?

Got To Keep On  ==  The Chemical Brothers

Another great video by The Chemical Brothers.

Guys, you know I really like what you do, but still I have a question...
Remember "Somethimes I Feel So Deserted"? Now, you know I got the feeling it was a really great idea about getting some kind of superhuman out of two... OK, great thought. But here comes my question: What exactly happend with the poor young man, she encountered in the desert? I mean, it kind of troubles me, the idea that he seems to have disappeared... This really makes me nervous. Can you please help, 'cuase I have troubles sleeping at night, meanwhile, and, when I sleep, at morning I just go like "Wow, once more I did not vanish!". You, know, I really don't think my sweet Dulcinea would be very happy with the whole thing, if she would become superwoman being able to reshape those little crazy bastards, but loosing me in order to be able to do so! Really, I think she wouldn't be happy, and I would like to avoid you having a problem, if you know what I mean?

Beside this: you got to keep on, guys!