Got to keep on

The new album of The Chemical Brothers is out since yesterday!


Their last album "Born In The Echoes" was, if you remember the cover, kind of "Back to Black (and White)", maybe kind of referring graphically to "Dig Your Own Whole", or maybe referring more in general to black & white ideologies or rules.

This one is... well... it's coloured.

No Geography  ==  The Chemical Brothers

For what I've seen and heard till now another great shot!

No geography? Somehow like my situation in life, in time, in space...
And trying to shoot clouds, or windmills or something.
As I'm maybe just hallucinating or something?
I mean, I barely have the courage to say so, as this could easily be used against me (and also has been used against me almost every single time I've spoken out something ambiguous - and I really speak out a LOT of ambiguous stuff) and will then be called a confession I've made, but it's a fact that I recognize there a face made of clouds. Honestly... I clearly recognize the drawing of a face, which hovers huge in the sky and somehow looks down on the world, right in front of the approaching tank.
So, am I looking at an album cover of The Chemical Brothers?
Or am I more likely as insanely confused as maybe "The Ingenious Gentleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha", or just Don Quixote for his friends?
So I'm as curious as I could be and would so very like to know what you see, when you're looking at this cover?
And moreover, what are you hearing?
But this is another story, isn't it, my sweet Dulcinea?
And, by the way: Can you see me? Can you hear me?

Author unknown

We know, the world is sometimes an unforgiving hard place...

But please be assured, my sweetest Dulcinea, that I will battle each and every dragon, architectural building or even merciless machine (and I've the impression that I already had a lot to deal with kind of merciless machine, but this is (maybe) another story) standing on my way to you, no matter how many or how threatening they may be!
Believe me: I'm crazy enough to stick to it and not to give up until we've finally reached our goal! For as far as you're not just kind of a hallucination I've had some time ago, but this would be another story.
So you can count on me: I won't give up until we'll be able "to live together in love, instead of dying apart as fools!" (Stanton Warriors Remix of Saturate by The Chemical Brothers).
Believe me: I'm crazy enough to do so! I'll got to keep on!

Got To Keep On  ==  The Chemical Brothers

Another great video by The Chemical Brothers. But again I have some doubts, here. I think I'm seeing a couple of strange things, during the video. I see legs becoming longer for fraction of a second, metamorphosis remind me a disturbing movie I've seen when I was growing up, I think I see dancing milk and a man with tits, too. Am I too crazy, my Princess?

Guys, you know I really like what you do, but still I have a question...
Remember "Sometimes I Feel So Deserted"? Now, you know I got the feeling it was a really great idea about getting some kind of superhuman out of two... OK, great thought. But here comes my question: What exactly happend with the poor young man, she encountered in the desert? I mean, it kind of troubles me, the idea that he seems to have disappeared... This really makes me nervous. Can you please help, 'cause I have troubles sleeping at night and, if I sleep, at morning when looking in the mirror I just go like "Wow, once more I did not vanish!". You now what? I really don't think my sweet Dulcinea would be much happy with the whole thing, if she would be loosing me in order to being able to become superwoman and reshape those little crazy bastards! Really, I think she wouldn't be happy, and I would like to avoid you having troubles with her, if you know what I mean?

Beside this: you got to keep on, guys!

Scene from "The Man Who Killed Don Quixote" by Terry Guillam