12 November 2010

a ducky tale

Doctor Y, you crazy little bastard, I didn't know you're already a star! How did you got so far? 17 millions views: You're quite a muse! Forever biting on our nuts... That sucks... On our grapes... Somebody hates... You surely have groupies. Laughing about your loopies. Oh, you don't think this is funny? Now really need a bunny? But... How did it come? You do it all day long. How did it come, they let you work at the Harte? You told them, it's kind of Arte? How did it come, you were looking for lemonade there? No, I won't laugh, I swear! What happened so far? Tell me, you ducky star... It maybe makes my day, this ducky tale.

The Duck Song  ==  Bryant Oden