24 August 2012

I'm always high, according to Y


We now found a document which shows my life,
according to doctor Y.

Because I Got High  ==  Afroman

But let me tellya: You know why?
Not because I got high...
Because I knew Y.

Doctor Y affirms that the 2 white people hanging around with me are The Chemical Brothers. I'm really sorry about that, guys.

We have another document, also pretending to show my whole life, according to the Federal Office of Public Prosecutor.

I Wanna Get High  ==  Cypress Hill

Well, let me tellya:
I want to get high...
Because I knew Y.

Last but not least, we got a document showing my life according to The Chemical Brothers and myself...

H.I.A.  ==  The Chemical Brothers

Everybody says I just want to get high,
but baby, you know why?
They don't get what I try,
as I don't wanna get high,
I wanna get higher!
Much H.I.A.

And since I know you, my heroine,
I'm getting H.I.A. and H.I.A,
because your love is lifting me higher!

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